COVID Information

As a part of the government Covid19 restrictions, we will be adhering to the strict social distancing rule of four square metres per patron. All patrons will be required to be seated and table service will be available for food and drinks. Please Note: that you do not have to eat to visit the club.

Bookings Advised: Patrons are advised to phone the Club and book a table (whether they are eating or not) as once the maximum number of guests are reached we will follow the one out – one in approach to managing patron numbers.

All members and guests will have to sign in and out on entry.

The Club has a maximum capacity of 300 people at any time.

Please note that even though we are open, we are not “back to normal” and our staff are adhering to very strict guidelines on what they can and can’t do and what are essential requirements under the provided guidelines, including revised health, safety & hygiene practices.

We hope that all of our members and guests will be patient with staff and listen to instructions as required under these new conditions we all find ourselves in.


New Trading Hours:

  • Sunday – Friday : 11am till late
  • Saturday : 10am till late

Season’s Restaurant Open:

Open 7 days a week

  • Lunch from 11.30am – 2pm
  • Dinner from 5.30pm-8pm

Courtesy Bus is currently not running due to COVID 19